Cellular Structure

Total Lectures


Lec 1: Cellular Structure (Part I)


Lec 1: Cellular Structure (Part I)
Lec 2: Cellular Structure (Part II)
Lec 3: Cellular Structure (Part III)
Lec 4: Metabolic Reactions in Biological System
Lec 5: Growth Media For Different Expression System
Lec 6: Microbial Growth Kinetics
Lec 7: Isolation of a Gene Fragment (Part I)
Lec 8: Isolation of a Gene Fragment (Part II)
Lec 9: Isolation of a Gene Fragment (Part III)
Lec 10: Polymerase Chain Reaction
Lec 11: Molecular Tools for Cloning
Lec 12: Cloning Vectors I
Lec 13: Cloning Vectors II
Lec 14: DNA Delivery In Host (Part I)
Lec 15: DNA Delivery In Host (Part II)
Lec 20: Product Recovery from Host Cells
Lec 23: Ion-exchange Chromatography
Lec 24: Hydrophobic Interaction chromatography
Lec 34: Protein Sequencing
Lec 35: Spectroscopy (Part I)
Lec 36: Spectroscopy (Part II)
Lec 17: Protein Production in Host (Part 1)
Lec 18: Protein Production in Host (Part 2)
Lec 19: Protein Production in Host (Part 3)
Lec 21: Basics of Chromatography (Part 1)
Lec 22: Basics of Chromatography (Part 2)
Lec 25: Gel Filtration chromatography (Part 1)
Lec 26: Gel Filtration chromatography (Part 2)
Lec 27: Affinity Chromatography (Part 1)
Lec 28: Affinity Chromatography (Part 2)
Lec 29: Affinity Chromatography (Part 3)
Lec 30:Affinity Chromatography (Part 4)
Lec 31: Electrophoresis (Part 1)
Lec 32: Electrophoresis (Part 2)
Lec 33: Electrophoresis (Part 3)
Lec 37: Biotechnology Applications (Part 1)
Lec 38: Biotechnology Applications (Part 2)
Lec 39: Biotechnology Applications (Part 3)
Lec 40: Summary and Conclusions (Part 1)
Lec 41: Summary and Conclusions (Part 2)
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