Total Lectures


Lec 1: Overview of Basic Thermodynamics


Lec 1: Overview of Basic Thermodynamics
Lec 2: Solved Examples for Flow process
Lec 3: Turbomachines: Introduction, Classification, Types
Lec 4: Components of Gas Turbine Power Plant, Gas Turbine Attachments
Lec 5:Introduction to Various Aircraft engines, Engine Performance parameters
Lec 6: Air Standard Ideal Brayton Cycle
Lec 7: Examples for Ideal Brayton Cycle
Lec 8: Non-Ideal Brayton Cycle
Lec 9:Examples for Non-Ideal Brayton Cycle
Lec 10: Brayton Cycle with Heat Exchanger / Re-heater
Lec 11: Brayton Cycle with Intercooler / All Attachments
Lec 12: Examples of Gas Turbine Attachment
Lec 13: Examples of Gas Turbine Attachment
Lec 14:Stagnation Conditions, Real Brayton Cycle with Stagnation Conditions
Lec 15: Polytropic Efficiency of Compressor and Turbine
Lec 16: Examples of Real Cycle
Lec 17: Nozzle Flow: Isentropic Relations, Area Velocity Relation, Choked Mass Flow Rate
Lec 18: Aircraft Engine Intake, Intake Efficiency
Lec 19: Propelling Nozzle, Nozzle Efficiency
Lec 20: Turbojet engine: Confriguration and Examples
Lec 21: Turbofan engine: Confriguration and Examples
Lec 22: Ramjet engine : Parameters and losses
Lec 23: Examples of Ramjet Engine
Lec 24: Thrust Augmentation and Engine performance parameters for Aircrafts
Lec 25: Introduction to Turbomachinary
Lec 26: Centrifugal Compressor: Velocity diagrams, Workdone
Lec 27: Centrifugal Compressor: Thermodynamic analysis, Stage efficiency and Degree of reaction
Lec 28: Examples of Centrifugal compressor
Lec 29: Axial Flow Compressor: Velocity diagrams, Workdone and Degree of Reaction
Lec 30: Axial Flow Compressor: Free vortex Condition
Lec 31: Examples of Axial Flow Compressor
Lec 32: Examples of Axial Flow Compressor
Lec 33: Examples of Axial Flow Compressor
Lec 34: Axial Turbine: Velocity diagrams, Workdone, and Degree of Reaction
Lec 35: Radial Turbine: Velocity diagrams, h-s diagram, Stage effieciency and degree of reaction
Lec 36: Examples of Axial Turbine
Lec 37: Practice examples of Axial Turbine and cetrifugal compressor
Lec 38: Cascade theory and Blade design
Lec 39: Cascade variables and Turbine Cascade
Lec 40: Velocity diagrams of Turbine Cascade, Compressor cascade
Lec 41: Turbine cooling methods
Lec 42: Practice examples of aircraft engine
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