Chemical Vapor Depostion

Total Lectures


Introduction to cleanroom


Introduction to cleanroom
Chemical Vapor Depostion: Basics
Physical Vapor Deposition: Sputtering
Pattern Transfer Bascis
Chemical Vapor Depostion: Other Details
Optical Lithography: Contact and Proximity printing
Emerging lithography techniques
Optical Lithography: Resolution enhancement
Methods and Some Definitions
Native Films
Substrate Contd
Contamination and surface cleaning
Diffusion -- Advanced Concepts
Chemical Vapor Depostion: Nucleation and Growth
Mettalization: Contact resistance
Dry etch: Plasma tool configuration
Ion Implantation Contd
Physical Vapor Deposition: Basics
Projection Lithography: Image formation basics
Dry etch: Etch mechanism
Native Films: Advanced Concepts
Atomic Layer Depostion Contd..
Advanced cleaning techniques
Optical Lithography: Stepper and Scanner
Lithography process technology glossary
Electron beam lithography: Basics
Atomic Layer Depostion
Projection Lithography: Image formation in photoresist
Wet Ething Recipes
Ion Implantation
Dry etch: Plasma Basics
Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP): Tool and process
Electron beam lithography: Resist process
Chemical Vapor Depostion: Precursor Transport
Etching Figures of Merit
Physical Vapor Deposition: Evaporation
Mettalization: Electromigration and Epilogue
Wet Ething Recipes.
Wet etching Basics
Dry etch: Plasma etching basics
Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP): Basics
Design for Manufacturability: Case study
CMOS process for photonics application
Dry etch: Etch chemistry
CMOS integration
Process integration
PV integration
Chemical Vapor Depostion: Types of CVD Equipment
Optical lithography: Surface Reflection
Optical lithography basics: resist process-1
Lab demo: Silicon Nitride cantilever fabrication-1
Design for Manufacturability-1
Design for Manufacturability-2
Lab demo: Silicon Nitride cantilever fabrication-2
Optical lithography basics: resist process-2
Native Films: Defects at Si/SiO2 interface
Learning, Assessment and Instruction
POs and PSOs
Taxonomy of Learning: Metacognitive Knowledge
Tagging the Course Outcomes
Attainment of POs and PSOs
Education and Teaching
Taxonomy of Learning: Knowledge Categories
Attainment of Course Outcomes
Program Outcomes
Psychomotor Domain
Taxonomy Tables
Affective Domain
Teaching and Learning in General Programs (TALG)
Overview of TALE and Good Engineer
Learning, Instruction and Assessment
Affective and Psychomotor Domains
General Categories of Knowledge
Attainment of POs and PSOs
Course Outcomes ?
Taxonomy of Learning
Vincenti Categories of Engineering Knowledge
Education and Teaching
Cognitive Levels
Metacognitive Knowledge
Taxonomy Table
Attainment of COs
Outcome Based Education (OBE)
What is OBE?
Taxonomy of Learning: Cognitive Levels 1
Course Outcomes 1
Course Outcomes 1
Program Outcomes 1
Course Outcomes 2
Program Outcomes 2
Course Outcomes 2
Taxonomy of Learning: Cognitive Levels 2
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