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Las Sandinistas! Director Jenny Murray


Las Sandinistas! Director Jenny Murray
Security for Israel and Her Neighbors: Challenges and Opportunities with Tzipi
Madeleine Albright at UC San Diego Commencement 2019
Madeleine Albright - UC San Diego All Campus Commencement
U.S. and Chinese Grand Strategy
The Trump Administration and North Korea
Conversations with History: Sir Lawrence Freedman
The Many Faces of Xi Jinping with Jeffrey Wasserstrom
Russian Meddling in American Affairs: Old Vodka in New Bottles with Philip
Stronger Together: Women Waging Peace - The Peace exChange at the University of San Diego
The Good Neighbor: Addressing Global Poverty in an Age of Xenophobia with
NASA International Cooperation - An Instrument of US Soft Power
Surviving the Bleakness of The News
Is ISIS an Existential Threat to the United States?
Ice Cream Stands and Barbed Wire Barricades
The Nazis Next Door with Eric Lichtblau -- Holocaust Living History Workshop
Embracing the Beauty of Diversity in Our World - His Holiness the 14th Dalai
The Cooperative Threat Reduction Program and the End of the Cold War - Conversations with History
An Evening with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Tawakkol Karman
Coming Together and Falling Apart: How Technology is Impacting Peace and Conflict -- Shamil Idriss
Gender Awareness in Security and Defense with NATO Deputy Secretary General Rose Gottemoeller
Identity, Values and the Conduct of US Foreign Policy with Elliot Abrams -Conversations with History
Archiving Atrocity: The Intl. Tracing Service and Holocaust Research -- Suzanne Brown-Fleming
New Administration New Policy? How Changes in Washington Could Impact Israelis and Palestinians
The Imperatives of Binational Security Cooperation
The View from Mexico: Senator Armando Rios Piter
The Implications of New Political Realities: What Lies Ahead for the North American Partnership
Mexican and Canadian Diplomacy Towards the US: The Non-NAFTA Scenario
The Imperfections of NAFTA: Economic Dualities in North American Markets
North American Competitiveness Outlook Without NAFTA
NAFTA in Retrospective
How Should The US Approach China?-- Winston Lord Orville Schell and Susan
Empirical Studies of Conflict: Implications for ISIS and Syria featuring Eli
World Order: Brexit, Populism and Kissinger with Niall Ferguson - Conversations with History
Ending the Cycle of Violence in Northern Iraq: The Role for Christians with Archbishop Bashar Warda
America, Europe, NATO... and Russia with Vice Admiral Charles W. Martoglio
Anatomy of Malice: The Enigma of the Nazi War Criminals with Joel Dimsdale
Tom Segev -- Holocaust Living History Workshop -- Library Channel
Defining Terrorism as Tactic and Terror as Performance Violence - Constructions of Terrorism
Terrorism as Coercion and Narrative Construction of Violent Islamism - Constructions of Terrorism
Media Constructions of Terrorism and Terrorism in the UK - Constructions of Terrorism
Science and Engineering for the Public Good
Correcting the Course on Climate Change Negotiations: The Road from Paris COP 21 with David Victor
Can Terrorism be Defined? and Misoverestimating Terrorism - Constructions of Terrorism
Constructing a Contemporary Terrorist Threat and Contemporary Threat - Constructions of Terrorism
Different Operationalizations of Terrorism and Lone Actor Radicalization-Constructions of Terrorism
Ambiguities in Terrorist Discourse and Legal Constructions of Terrorism-Constructions of Terrorism
Conflict Zones and National Security with Michael Nacht -- In The Living Room with Henry E. Brady
The Consuls General: Remedios Gomez Arnau and William Ostick -- Mexico Moving Forward 2015
Media Prime Minister Modi and the Transformation of India - Conversations with History
Transforming Mexico: Session 3 -- Mexico Moving Forward 2015
Progress and Pitfalls of Structural Reforms in Mexico: Session 2 Mexico Moving Forward 2015
Welcome Remarks: Cowhey and Ducheny -- Mexico Moving Forward 2015
Recapturing the Mexico Moment: Session 1 -- Mexico Moving Forward 2015
From the Front Lines: Challenges of Getting to the Truth with Robin Wright
Can South Africa Liberate Itself from Post-Apartheid Politics of Legacy Capture?
A Fragile Peace: Prosperity, and Vladimir Putin with Erik Gartzke - Osher UCSD Distinguished Lecture
Climate Change, Consumerism, and the Pope with Daniel Kammen, Jennifer Granholm and Henry E. Brady
US Foreign Policy and the Chaotic Middle East
Domestic Politics and Global Leadership with Lord Patten of Barnes - Conversations with History
Growing Up in the Shadow of the Holocaust -- Holocaust Living History Workshop
India and the World with Shashi Tharoor - Conversations with History
Counterinsurgency with John A. Nagl - Conversations with History
Giving Freedom: How Direct Cash Transfers are Reshaping the Way We Help the Extreme Poor
Reducing the Military Budget: Necessary To Improve Our Quality of Life with Barney Frank
Mobile Democracy in Ghana
When Will the Next Drop of Water Come?
Untold Stories of Women?s Struggles Against Muslim Fundamentalism with Karima Bennoune
Hitler?s Furies: Women of the Third Reich Holocaust Living History -- The Library Channel
An Interview with Ananya Roy
Porrajmos: The Romani and the Holocaust with Ian Hancock - Holocaust Living History
The Battle for Pluralism in the Middle East with Marwan Muasher - Conversations with History
Preventing Mass Atrocities: Lessons Learned from Rwanda
Congress and Foreign Policy with Congressman Howard Berman - Conversations with History
After Nuclear Weapons: Revolutionary Technologies from Turkey to China with Michael Nacht
The Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks in Historical Perspective
The Warrior State: Pakistan in the Contemporary World with T.V. Paul - Conversations with History
Reflections with General James Mattis - Conversations with History
Leadership with Gro Harlem Brundtland - Conversations with History
Obama in the World: The President and Foreign Policy - Annual Review of the Presidency - 2014
Leo Szilard: The Man Behind the Bomb with William Lanouette
The Politics of International Justice - Legally Speaking
Manuel Castells - The Non-Global Global Crisis
Ambassador Daniel C. Kurtzer - Pathways to Peace: America and the Arab-Israeli Conflict
Drone Warfare: Prospects and Dangers
Why Statebuilding Fails with David Lake -- Osher UCSD
The Resurgence of the West with Richard Rosecrance - Conversations with History
Conversations with History: Shibley Telhami
Force and Diplomacy with Karl Eikenberry - Conversations with History
The Pivot to Asia with Kurt Campbell and Susan Shirk
The Places In Between with Rory Stewart - Conversations with History
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