Public Libraries

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Public library: Concept, Characteristics (LIB)


Public library: Concept, Characteristics (LIB)
Public library and society (LIB)
Functions of public library (LIB)
Agencies in the promotion and development of public library system (LIB)
Role of library associations (LIB)
National library policy (LIB)
Library legislation in Indian states (LIB)
Public libraries acts enacted between 1948 to 1960s (LIB)
Public Libraries Acts Enacted between 1970s and 1980s
Public libraries acts enacted during 1990s and 2000s (LIB)
Physical resources of public libraries (LIB)
Documentary resources of public libraries (LIB)
Human resources of public libraries (LIB)
Organisational structure of public library system (LIB)
Planning and administration of public libraries (LIB)
Public library norms, standards and guidelines (LIB)
Governance of public libraries (LIB)
Performance evaluation (LIB)
Types of library services (LIB)
Application of information technology in public libraries (LIB)
Resource sharing and networking (LIB)
Public library scenario in India (LIB)
Activities of raja rammohun roy library foundation (LIB)
Major public libraries of Delhi (LIB)
Public library scenario in UK (LIB)
Public library scenario in USA (LIB)
Public library scenario in Canada (LIB)
Public library hand book (LIB)
Pioneers of public library movement in India:part-1 (LIB)
Pioneers of public library movement in India part-2 (LIB)
Pioneers of library movement in India part-3 (LIB)
Library Services for Specially Abled Persons
Introduction to user studies (LIB)
Evolution of user studies (LIB)
Categories of users (LIB)
Assessment of Information needs of different user group (LIB)
Methods and techniques of use studies part -1 (LIB)
Methods and techniques of use studies part -2 (LIB)
User education : concept and need (LIB)
Recent trends in user education (LIB)
Information seeking behaviour : concepts and methods (LIB)
Infromation Seeking Behaviour what, why and how 1
Information searching strategies and principles - part 1 (LIB)
Information need of persons with disabilities (pwd) (LIB)
Recent trends in user studies (LIB)
Models of information literacy part- 1 (LIB)
Models of information literacy part- 2 (LIB)
Information literacy 2.0 (LIB)
E-Literacy and literacies (LIB)
Curriculum development in information literacy (LIB)
Creation of instructional manual on information literacy (LIB)
Promotional agencies in il programmes (LIB)
Information literacy in higher education (LIB)
Case Studies: information literacy programmes at university of Delhi (LIB)
ICT and Information literacy (LIB)
Information literacy products (LIB)
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