Total Lectures


Acid fast staining


Acid fast staining
Introduction to bacteria
Minimum inhibitory concentration
Minimum bactericidal concentration
Serial dilution and plate count
Antibiotic testing
Endotoxin testing
Gram staining
Primary screening of antibiotic producing microbes_2
Primary screening of organic acid producing organisms
Primary screening of antibiotic producing organisms by crowded plate techniques
Isolation of amylase producing microbes
Filter sterilization of air
Pharmaceutical microbiology
Ancillary components of fermentation media-I
Ancillary components of fermentation media-II
Media optimization
Sterilization programme in fermentation processes
Fermentation of alcohol part 1
Estimation of alcohol
Distillation of alcohol
Bioassay of vitamin B12
Bioassay of penicillin
Immobilization of enzymes
Fermentation of alcohol part 2
Biological assay of fermentation products
Chromatography: fermentation product recovery and purification-V
Solvent extraction and recovery: fermentation product recovery and purification-IV
Cell disruption: fermentation product recovery and purification-III
Filtration and centrifugation: fermentation product recovery and purification-II
Foam separation and precipitation: introduction to product recovery and purification-I
Introduction to product recovery and purification
Aeration and agitation
Aseptic operation and containment
An ideal fermenter- parameters and basic functions
The development of inocula for mycelial processes
The development of inocula for bacterial processes
The development of inocula for yeast processes
Filter sterilization of air
Filter sterilization of media
Sterilization of the fermenter
Batch and continuous sterilization processes
Major components of fermentation media
Introduction to media formulation
The improvement of industrially important microbes
The preservation of industrially important microbes
Primary and secondary screening
Continuous culture fermentation processes
Batch culture fermentation processes
Stream and down stream process: components of a fermentation process
The ranges of fermentation processes
Introduction to the fermentation processes
Factors affecting fermentation economics
Immobilization of cells and enzymes
Introduction to cell line culture and vaccine production
Fermentative production of enzymes-amylase and protease
Fermentative production of lysine
Fermentative production of organic acid- citric acid fermentation
Fermentative production of penicillin
Fermentative production of ethanol
Physical and chemical assay of fermentation products
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