Rural development

Total Lectures


Present status of agriculture in India_1_RD 01 LEC


Present status of agriculture in India_1_RD 01 LEC
Conservation agriculture for increased production_RD 02 LEC
Management of natural resources_RD 03 LEC
Financial inclusion_RD 04 LEC
Development planning_RD 05 LEC
Development departments at district level_RD 06 LEC
Rural development_RD 07 LEC
Rural health and hygeine _RD 08 LEC
Panchayati raj system and district initiatives_RD 09 LEC
Government schemes / sponsored programmes_RD 10 LEC
Public private partnership_RD 11 LEC
Financial inclusion_RD 12 LEC
Marine and inland fisheries, prawn culture and other water based activities_RD 13 LEC
Irrigation- the back bone: overview, challenges and strategy for future_RD 14 LEC
Macro level intervention for prosperity of rural region_RD 15 LEC
Renewable energy sources_RD 16 LEC
Microfinance in India_RD 17 LEC
Methods of micro finance: shgs /jlgs / farmer clubs_RD 18 LEC
Rural entrepreneurship for development_RD 19 LEC
Productivity strategies making a difference to agriculture in India_RD 20 LEC
Animal husbandry: major contributor of rural development_RD 21 LEC
Financial institutions for rural development_RD 22 LEC
Agencies/institutions for rural development & agriculture in India_RD 23 LEC
Nutrition for rural health_RD 24 LEC
Marketing of agriculture produce_RD 25 LEC
Rural urban divide_RD 26 LEC
Over exploitation of natural resources_RD 27 LEC
Rural education_RD 28 LEC
Horticulture scenario _ RD 29 LEC
Rural scenario_RD 30 LEC
Institutions for rural development _RD 31 LEC
Agro processing in rural areas: a gate way to prosperity_RD 32 LEC
Rural infrastructure - overview and issues_RD 33 LEC
Rural infrastructure: national level initiatives and programmes_RD 34 LEC
Soil conservation, reclaimation & social forestry_RD 35 LEC
Bank finance for farmers_RD 36 LEC
Risk management for sustainable growth and rural prosperity_RD 37 LEC
Elements of traditional Indian astronomy_IC 28 LEC_97
Indian Philosophy - 2: The Sankhya Philosophy_IC 29 30 LEC_98
Elements of Painting_DP 03 LEC_114
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