Physical Education

Total Lectures


Neurons and their types


Neurons and their types
Neuro-muscular coordination: fatigue and over training- part 2
Neuro-muscular coordination-part 1
Muscles and movement in hip joint
Somesthetic and visceral sense receptors -part 1
Introduction to stretching and flexibility: somesthetic and visceral sense receptors - part 2
Exercise for co-ordination, cycling and injury causes during cycling, warm-up and cool
Motor unit: factor affecting the performance in sports
High jumping: basic principles
Different muscles and exercises of chest part: reference positions and their terminology
Muscles of Upper Back_2_Kidney_11-1)
Muscles and movements around ankle and foot joints
Analysis of swimming and throwing: component of skills
Exercise Prog for BAck Muscle_13
Analysis of running: analysis of jumping motions
BioMechanics and Kinesiology of Knee Joint_15
Important position of body: analysis of walking
Body positions: different type of joints part 2
Role of GTO in muscle performance
Analysis of different motions in tennis: exercises of lower limb
Upper extremity bones
Basics of physiological concepts in kinesiology-part 1
Basics of physiological concepts in kinesiology-part 2
Basics of physiological concepts in kinesiology-part 3
Basic concepts in nervous system
Different type of joints- part 1
Muscle and movement around trunk
Basic component of movement - part 1
Basic component of movement - part 2
Neuro-physiology of muscle
Joint LubricationDr_Sohrab-53min_02
Tissue and their types-Dr_Sohrab-1.12hr_03
Basics of Excercise Physiology, Second Wind, Body Energy System_Dr._Shibli_N_03-
Nervous system: introduction and structure_45
Nervous system: general senses_46
Anatomy of Brain_08
Body Systems_09
Sex Differences in Skeleton_51
Introduction of Human Physiology_52
Skin Structure and function_ Anatomy of Brains_53
Anatomy of Heart-Part-1_54
Excretory system_55
Introduction to Nervous System_56
Basics of Exercise and Physiology Energy_System_57
Circulatory System, Heart,Blood and Blood Pressure_58
Blood Pressure Nerve, supply of Back_Muscles-part-2_59
Nerve supply & Action of Muscle of Head & Neck Arm Shoulder & Abdomen_60
Effects of Exercise on Respiratory System& Functions of Cardiac Muscle_(2)_61
Molecular Anatomy of Muscles_62
Dynamics of Joint_63
Mechanism of Muscle contraction_25
Mechanism and Muscle Fibre structure for Contraction Muscle_Fibre_65
Mechanism and Muscle Fibre structure for Contraction Muscle_Fibre_Part_2_66
Joints and Their Classification with Example Part_1_67
Joints and Their Classification with Example (Part_2)Digestive System_68
Kinaesthetic Sense Receptors_70
Kinaesthetic Sense Receptors Part_2_71
Digestive System_72
Glands of Digestive System_73
Neuro Muscular Concepts_74
Mechanism and Muscle Fibre Structure For Contraction-Motor_75
Muscle Origin and Insertion_37
Introduction about Human Physiology_Part_1_77
Introduction to Human Physiology_Part_2_78
Flat Bones & Effects of Exercise on Muscular System _40
Angle of pull
Basic muscle structure
Bones of Upper limbs_17
Muscle of upper extremity
Muscles of forearm
Exercises of upper extremity
Physiology of muscle
Muscle origin and insertion
Muscle fibre type
Motor control
Neuro Muscular Aspects of Motor Control_69
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