Civil - Environmental Air Pollution

Total Lectures


Environmental Air Pollution - Introduction to Atmosphere


Environmental Air Pollution - Introduction to Atmosphere
Lecture 2 Air Pollution Systems
Lecture_3 Air Quality Standards
Lecture_4 Types and Forms of Air Pollutants
Lecture 5 Measurement Units and Particulate classification
Lecture_6 Interpretation and Particle Size Distributions
Lecture_7 Atmospheric Formation of Air Pollutants-1
Lecture_8 Atmospheric Formation of Air Pollutants-2
Lecture_9 Atmospheric Formation of Air Pollutants-3
Lecture_10 Kinetics of Air Pollution and Combustion Processe
Lecture_11 Internal Combustion Engine and Air Pollution-1
Lecture_12 Internal Combustion Engine and Air Pollution-2
Lecture_13 Air Pollution and Health-1
Lecture_14 Air Pollution and Health-2
Lecture 15 Emission Inventory
Lecture 16 - Sources of air pollution
17 Emission from Fugitive Sources & Sulfuric acid production
Lecture 18 - Aluminium Production and Air Pollution I
Lecture 19 Aluminium Production & Air Pollution II
Lecture 20 Coke Production & Air Pollution
Lecture_21 Examples for Practice
Lec 22 Meteorological measurements and their interpretation
lecture 23 - Examples for Practice-Dispersion Modeling
Lecture 24 - Vertical Temperature Profile of Atmosphere
Lecture 25 Stability Mixing Height and Plume Behavior I
Lecture 26 Stability Mixing Height and Plume Behavior II
Lecture 27 Solar Radiation based Stability Calculation
Lecture 28 Air Quality Modeling I
Lecture 29 - Air Quality Modeling II
Lecture 30 - Derivation of Guassian Model
Lecture 31 - Gaussian Model - Useful Formulation
Lecture 32 Plume Rise , Area and Line source model
Lecture_33 Air Quality Modeling-Maximum Ground Level Concent
Lecture_34 Examples for Air Quality Modeling
Lecture_35 Air Pollution Control Devices-1
Lecture_36 Air Pollution Control Devices-2
Lecture_37 Source Emission Monitoring
Lecture_38 Receptor Source Modeling
Lecture_39 Environmental Laws
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