Civil - Water & Wastewater Engineering

Total Lectures


Lecture 1 Introduction to Water & Waste Water Engineering


Lecture 1 Introduction to Water & Waste Water Engineering
Lecture 2 Water and WasteWater Quality Enhancement
Lecture-3 Water and WasteWater Quality Estimation
Lecture 4 Water and WasteWater Quality Estimation(Contd)
Lecture 5 Water and WasteWater Characteristics
Lecture 6 Water and WasteWater Characteristics(Contd)
Lecture 7 Water Treatment System Unit Operations
Lectur 8 Sedimentation
Lecture 9 Sedimentation(Contd)
Lecture 10 Coagulation and Flocculation
Lecture 11 Coagulation and Flocculation (Contd)
Lecture 12 Softening
Lecture 13 Filtration
Lecture 14 Filtration (Contd)
Lecture 15 Disinfection
Lecture 16 Introduction to Domestic WasterWater Treatment
Lecture 17 Physical Unit Processes for Waste Water Treatmen
Lecture 18 Introduction to Microbiology
Lecture 19 Microbiology
Lecture 20 WasteWater Treatment Reactor Analysis
Lecture 21 Biological Unit ProcessesActivated Sludge Process
Lecture 22 Activated Sludge Process Modifications
Lecture 23 Activated Sludge Process(Contd)
Lecture 24 Aeration,Nitrification and Denitrification
Lecture 25 Natural WasteWater Treatment Systems:Ponds& Lagoo
Lecture 26 Attached Growth Aerobic Process
Lecture 27 Anaerobic Treatment
Lecture 28 Anaerobic Process(Contd)
Lecture 29 UASB (Contd) Sludge Treatment
Lecture 30 Sludge Treatment(Contd)
Lecture 31 Sludge Treatment(Continued)
Lecture 32 Wastewater Disposal and Reuse
Lecture 33 Advanced Wastewater Treatment
Lecture 34 Adsorption
Lecture 35 Ion Exchange,Advanced Oxidation Processes
Lecture 36 Industrial Wastewater Treatment
Lecture 37 Water Distribution Networks
Lecture 38 Sanitary Sewerage System
Lecture 39 Stormwater Sewerage System
Lecture 40 Intake structures and Pumping Installations
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