Mechanical - Mechanical Measurements and Metrolo

Total Lectures


Lecture-1-Introduction to the Study of Mechanical Measuremen


Lecture-1-Introduction to the Study of Mechanical Measuremen
Lecture-2-Errors in Measurement
Lecture-3-Errors in Measurement(Contd..)
Lecture-4-Propagation of Errors
Lecture-5-Regression Analysis
Lecture-6-Regression Analysis (Contd)
Lecture-7-Design of Experiments
Lecture-8-Design of Experiments(Contd)
Lecture-9-Temperature Measurement
Lecture-10-Overview of Thermometry
Lecture-11-Thermoelectric Thermometry
Lecture-12-Thermoelectric Thermometry(Contd)
Lecture-13-Measurement of Temperature Under Various Conditio
Lecture-14-Errors in Temperature Measurement
Lecture-15-Measurement of Transient Temperature and Resistan
Lecture-16-Resistance Thermometry(Contd)
Lecture-17-Resistance Thermometry(Contd)and pyrometry
Lecture-20-Pressure Measurement(Contd)
Lecture-21-Pressure Measurement(Contd)
Lecture-22-Pressure Measurement(Contd)
Lecture-23-Pressure Measurement(Contd)
Lecture-24-Transient Response of Pressure Transducers
Lecture-25-Transient Response of Pressure Transducers
Lecture-26-Measurement of High Vacuum
Lecture-27-Measurement of Fluid Velocity
Lecture-28-Hot Wire Anemometry and Laser Doppler Velocimetry
Lecture-29-Laser Doppler Velocimetry and Ultrasonic Methods
Lecture-30-Measurement of Heat Flux
Lecture-31-Measurement of Heat Flux(Contd)
Lecture-32-Trasient Method of Heat Flux Measurement
Lecture-33-Measurement of Volume and Mass Flow Rate of Fluid
Lecture-34-Flow Measuring Devices
Lecture-35-Measurement of Stagnation and Bulk Mean Temperatu
Lecture 36 - Measurement of Thermo-Physical Properties
Lecture-37-Measurement of Thermal Conductivity
Lecture-38-Measurement of Heat Capacity and Heating Value
Lecture-39-Measurement of Viscosity
Lecture-40-Measurement of Viscosity(Contd)
Lecture-41-Integrating Sphere and Measurement of Emissivity
Lecture-42-Measurements of Gas Composition
Lecture-43-Measurements of Gas Composition(Contd)
Lecture-44-Measurements of Gas Composition and Smoke
Lecture-45-Measurement of Force
Lecture-46-Force Measurement
Lecture-47-Vibration and Acceleration Measurement
Lecture-48-Laser Doppler Accelerometer,Speed,Torque
Lecture-49-General Issues in Mechanical Measurement
Lecture-50-Case Studies
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