Introduction to Operations Research

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Introduction to Operation Research Intro video


Introduction to Operation Research Intro video
prof G S course intro
Product Mix problem and Notations
Manpower and Production planning formulations
Caterer problem
Maximum flow and bin packing problems
Graphical method (maximization)
Graphical method (minimization)
Algebraic method (maximization)
Comparing graphical and algebraic methods
Algebraic method (minimization)
Algebraic form of simplex algorithm
Tabular form of simplex (maximization)
Tabular form (minimization)
Motivation to the dual
Writing the dual for a general LP
Writing dual for a general LP (continued)
Duality theorems
Complimentary slackness theorem
Dual solution using complimentary slackness
Dual solution from simplex table economic interpretation of dual
Economic Interpretation of the dual Dual Simplex algorithm
Solving LPs with mixed type of constraints
Matrix method for LP problems
Introducing the transportation problem
North West corner Rule and minimum cost method
Penalty cost method
Stepping stone method and Modified Distribution method
MODI method; Dual of the transportation problem and the optimality of the MODI method
Introducing the Assignment problem
Solving the Assignment problem
Hungarian algorithm Alternate optimum
Unequal number of rows and columns Dual of the assignment problem
Optimality of the Hungarian algorithm
Setting up the problem and solving simple LP problems
Unboundedness and infeasibility
Solving other formulations
Solving a transportation problem
Solving an assignment problem
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