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President Rosenbaum on Coronavirus and the Caltech Community


President Rosenbaum on Coronavirus and the Caltech Community
Super Tuesday 2020 - What can voters expect?
Super Tuesday 2020 - When will results come in?
A Southern-style biscuit recipe with Caltech’s Tom Mannion
Apollo 11 Lunar Rocks Analyzed at Caltech
Caltech Families Celebrate the 2019 Grads
Behind the Scenes with Caltech magazine: Batygin and Jones on the climate suite
Behind the Scenes with Caltech magazine: Batygin and Jones
Student-led outreach to boost diversity in STEM
The Hameetman Center Alumni Bricks
Nayla Abney: STEM and Soccer Standout
Northridge Earthquake: 25 Years Later with Dr. Lucy Jones
Gene Editing and Ethics: A Q&A with David Baltimore
Caltech Celebrates the InSight Landing
From Colorado to Caltech: Meet Chemistry Professor Kimberly See
Freshman Summer Research Institute
Manuel Razo Mejia: Science and Serendipity
Bill Gates Remembers Richard Feynman - Bill Gates - 5/11/2018
Feynman 100 Celebration Highlights - May 11, 2018
President Thomas F. Rosenbaum on Caltech Instrumentation
Highlights: Tianqiao and Chrissy Chen Neuroscience Building Groundbreaking Ceremony
The Grand Tour: Exploring the Diversity of Planets Outside the Solar System - H. Knutson - 11/15/17
Abigail Fraeman - KISS Profile
Andrew Thompson - KISS Profile
Ken Farley - KISS Profile
Julia Greer - KISS Profile
Jon Mihaly - KISS Profile
Kerry Vahala - KISS Profile
Toward the Robots of Science Fiction - A. Ames - 12/6/2017
"The Farthest—Voyager In Space" - Panel Discussion - 7/29/17
Celebrating 40 Years of the Golden Record - 9/28/17
CAST Construction Timelapse
Cassie Goes for a Walk
2017 Solar Eclipse at Caltech
Celebrating Voyager’s 40 Years in Space with Ed Stone
Techers Dunk to Make a Difference - The Caltech Fund
Student Study: Mark Kozlowski, Faustus PhD
Gregg Hallinan - KISS Profile
Storytelling for Scientists - 2017 Promo
Rath Al Fresco Pavilion & Gardens Grand Opening Celebration - 5/9/2017
The Athenaeum Pavilion Prepares
Caltech Magazine: In Conversation with Dianne Newman and Victoria Orphan
Caltech SURF Program
New Faculty Profile: Aaron Ames
Caltech Associates: Behind the Scenes
No Borders: Science and Caltech
Caltech alumna Julie Jester: Fool Me Twice
Dimitri Mawet - KISS Profile
Abigail Crites - KISS Profile
The Caltech Effect: Have a Mentor, Be a Mentor
The Caltech Effect: The Human Side of Engineering
ME72 Final wrap up
Caltech’s Kip Thorne: Long Haul, Towering Discovery
The Science Behind "The Expanse" - 1/25/17
Orbit Pavilion at The Huntington
Caltech Alumnus David Ho: A Breakthrough in Health
Caltech Pumpkin Drop 2016
Caltech’s Jessica Watkins: A Roving Mind
Caltech Convocation 2016 - 9/18/2016
The Caltech Student Experience: Beyond the Lab and Classroom
Kip Thorne - 2016
The Caltech Effect: Free to Play with Physics
Break Through: The Caltech Campaign - Community Celebration - 4/29/2016
Break Through: The Caltech Campaign
Professor Rudolph A. Marcus - 1992 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
Professor David Baltimore - 1975 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine
ME72 Competition 2016
Caltech Community Reacts to LIGO Announcement
Teaching at Caltech
Snapshots from Caltech - 2015
Senior Spotlight: Running with Aditya Bhagavathi
The SURF Experience
Caltech Students Share Research Experiences in the Laboratory of David Baltimore - 2015
Professor Robert H. Grubbs - 2005 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
Faculty & Staff Lead Freshman Bioethics Discussion Groups
Living and Learning in a Diverse Community - Caltech - 2015
Caltech Commencement 2015: Concluding Remarks - Thomas F. Rosenbaum - June 12, 2015
Memorial Gathering Honoring Thomas A. Tombrello, Jr. - 4/24/2015
The inauguration of Thomas F. Rosenbaum - Oct. 24. 2014
Our Curiosity
Caltech Culture
Caltech Research Opportunities
Caltech Academics
Caltech Student Houses
Caltech Student Tour Introduction
Mike Brown Goes to the Subaru Telescope - April 2014
Kick-Off of the Franklin Thomas Laboratory of Engineering Renovation - 4/4/2014
Caltech Engineering - "The Beat of Caltech"
Happy New Year from Caltech - January 2011
Caltech Commencement - June 15, 2012
How I Spent My Summer Vacation: A SURF Video Diary
Caltech Commencement 2012
Happy New Year from Caltech - January 2012
Caltech Ditch Day 2011
Caltech Bands Visit China, Play at Great Wall
Caltech Off the Clock: Art on Your Own Time 2011
OER.UoCh.Edu.Pk (University of Chitral Open Educational Resources).

In the wake of the global emergency on Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), the universities of Pakistan are planning to go online under the aegis of the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC). The University of Chitral has launched a comprehensive open learning knowledge hub to assist the faculty and students both at home and abroad to learn through the web. This includes a wide range of learning resources including free audio-visual lectures from the top universities and institutes of the world.