Political Sociology

Total Lectures


Outlining the nature and scope of the state-society relationship


Outlining the nature and scope of the state-society relationship
The main concerns of Political Sociology: State, Class, Status, Ideology and Power
Historical development of the discipline
Political sociology in the Indian Context
Ruling class, State Power and the Ideology of class struggle
Gramcian intervention, hegemony and domination
Civil Society, Political Society and the Reproduction of Class Structures
Miliband, poulantzas and laclau on the advanced capitalist state
Habermas public sphere
Basic concept of Domination, Legitimation, Authority and Bureaucracy
Knowledge as power and bio-power
Discipline, surveillance and governability
Earnest Gellner and Benedict Anderson on the Nation and Nationalism
Partha Chatterji on Derivative Nationalism
T.H. Marshall: Citizenship and Social Class
Gender and nation by Nira Yuval-Davis
Ethnography, State and the Colonial Episteme
The making of Hinduism in colonial India
P15 M21
Dominance without hegemony
The Nation and its Fragments
Class, Passive revolution and Indian Democracy
Development, rights and the poor
Governmentality and the patron- client state
Political society and the contestation of legality
Partition, Communalism, and Communal riots
Casteism, Anti-Brahmin Movements and Indian Politics
Regionalism, Self Determination and Ethnic Chauvinism
Violence against women, feminism and politics
Identity Politics: Insiders and Outsiders
Glocalisation.... Global, Local and the Political
Electoral democracy and its disenchantment
Non-Political Political Fronts and Grassroots Alternatives
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