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Introduction to textile testing SME V2


Introduction to textile testing SME V2
Laundry Agents and Stain Removal SME V2
Manpopwer Planning SME V2
Napkin Foldings
Packaging Techniques
Recruitment SME V2
Styles of Service SME V3
Tool of Management SME V3
Types of Preschools SME V2
Types of Service SME V4
Counselling parents on understanding childrens behaviour
Concept of Life Space SME V2
Function of Management in Food Service
Handling Emergency Situation
Gender Difference, Stereotype & Bias
Event Management
Sound and noise in interiors (HS)
Light - Measurement related terms and units (HS)
Check inn Process (HSC)
Functions of front office department (HSC)
Waste Disposal (HSC)
Basic Baking (HSC)
Microwave Cooking (HSC)
H06QF21 Salad and its types x264
Knitting – Introduction, history, types of needles, knitting types
H15ED27 Product Pricing x264
H11CG18 Individual Counselling, Group Counselling, Group vs Individual Counselling
F01FS45 Emulsions and colloids
Materials ans Finishes
Types of lighting requirement measurement
Facrors to be considered in selection
Windows and Window treatment
Market Distribution Channel
Consumer behaviour, consumer problems and challenges
Significance of Consumer Guidance and Counseling
Room Status
Room rates and policies
Guest Cycle
Daily routines and systems followed in housekeeping department
Changing Trends in Housekeeping Department
Classification and Objectives of the Food Service
Types of Hotel
Departments in Hotel
Types of ownership in food service organisation
Travel Catering
SWOT Analysis
Eco friendly practices in foods
Waste Management
Marketing Management
Sales Promotion Techniques
Traditional Vs Modern Food Service
Strategic Management
Internal and External Appraisal in Strategic Management
Strategy Formulation
Business level strategies
Strategy Implementation in Individual firms
Principles, applications and limitations
Positive Communication and Positive Action
Rational Emotive Therapy RET
Dimension of Agricultural Extension
Role of Extension Education Development
History of Extension Services Pre Independence Extension Efforts
History of Extension Services Post Independence Extension Efforts
History of Extension Services Post Independence Extension Efforts II
History of Extension Services Post Independence Extension Efforts III
Training and Visit Sytem of Extension
National Agricultural Research and Extension
Girl Child in Society
Food Service Systems
Types of Menu and Menu Design
Methods of receiving Food Commodities
H06QF13 Storage requirements in food industry
Components of Costing
Pricing Methods
Cloth and Home Textiles
Apparel Quality Analysis I
H05MF40 Employment Opportunities in Food Service Operations
Social Integration of Transgender
Women and Education
Women and Social Problems
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