Introduction to metrology

Total Lectures


mod01lec1-Introduction to metrology


mod01lec1-Introduction to metrology
mod01Lec2 - Metrology terminologies
mod01lec3-Measurement errors
mod02lec1 -Angle plate, steel rule, spring calipers
mod02lec2 - Combination set, Vernier calipers
mod02lec3-Height gauge, Micrometers
mod02lec4 - Micrometer, Bore gauge
mod02lec5-Dial indicators, thickness gauges, depth gauges
mod03lec1-Manufacturing tolerances and fits
mod03lec2-Terminologies of limits fits and tolerances
mod03lec3-Numerical problems on fit and tolerances
mod03lec4-Selection of fits,Geometrical tolerances
mod03lec5-Positional tolerances
mod03lec6 - Limit gauging- 1
mod03lec7-Limit gauging - 2
mod03lec8-Design of limit gauges
mod04lec1-Measurement of straightness, flatness and squareness
mod04lec2-Perpendicularity measurement
mod05lec1-Basics of surface roughness
mod05lec2-Surface finish parameters
mod05lec3-Stylus type surface finish measuring instruments
mod05lec4-Non-contact type surface finish measuring instruments
mod06lec1-Screw thread production and terminology
mod06lec2-Measurement of screw thread elements
mod07lec1-Introduction to gears
mod08lec 1-Angle measurement - 1
mod08lec2-Angle measurement - 2
mod08lec3 - Radius measurement,Contact angle measurement
mod09lec1-Basics of interferometry
mod10lec1-Introduction to comparators,Mechanical comparators
mod10lec2-Electrical and electronic comparators,Optical comparators
mod10lec3-Pneumatic comparators
mod11lec1-Geometrical tests on lathe
mod11lec2-Geometrical tests on pillar type drilling machine
mod12lec1-Universal measuring machine (UMM) and Coordinate measuring machine (CMM)
mod12lec2-CMM probes and CMM software
mod12lec3-Feature measurement using CMM, Laser vision
mod12lec4-In-process gauging and control
mod12lec5-Stage position metrology
mod12lec6-Micro and Nano stages, Nano technology instrumentation
mod12lec7-Optical system design
mod12lec8-Complex opto- mechanical assemblies,Metrology testing and certification services
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