Unsaturated Soil Mechanics

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Unsaturated Soil Mechanics [Introduction Video]


Unsaturated Soil Mechanics [Introduction Video]
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Fundamental Aspects of Unsaturated Soil Mechanics and its Basic Principles
Phases of Unsaturated Soils-I
Phases of Unsaturated Soils-II
Equilibrium between Air and Water Phases
Capillary Phenomenon in Unsaturated Soils-I
Capillary Phenomenon in Unsaturated Soils-II
Summary: Fundamental Principles and Constitutive Relationships
Concept of Water Retention and Soil Water Characteristics - I
Concept of Water Retention and Soil Water Characteristics - II
Lec 10: Hydraulic conductivity functions and determination of state variables
Lec 11: Suction Mesauremnt/control Techniques - I
Lec 12: Suction Mesauremnt/control Techniques - II
Lec 13: Summary: Suction Measurement and Control Techniques
Lec 14: HCF Determination
Lec 15: SWCC and HCF Models
Lec 16: HCF Modelling
Lec 17: Fitting of SWCC & HCF modelling
Lec 18: Pedo-transfer Functions (PTF)
Lec 19: Steady-State Flow Through Soils
Lec 20: Steady-State & Transient Flow
Lec 21: Analytical Methods for Transient Flow-I
Lec 22: Analytical Methods for Transient Flow - II
Lec 23: Shear Strength of Unsaturated Soils
Lec 24: Suction-Controlled Direct Shear Test
Lec 25: Suction-Controlled Triaxial Test
Lec 26: Extended M-C Criterion - I
Lec 27: Extended M-C Criterion - II
Lec 28: Extended M-C Criterion - III
Lec 29: Concept of "Suction Stress"- I
Lec 30: Concept of "Suction Stress"- II
Lec 31: Concept of "Suction Stress"- III
Lec 32: Summary: Shear Strength of Unsaturated Soils and Introduction to Volume Change
Lec 33: Swelling Behaviour of Soils
Lec 34: Estimation of Swelling Pressure in the Laboratory and Behaviour of Collapsible soil
Lec 35: Volume Change Behaviour of Bentonite and Kaolin Clay
Lec 36: Demonstration of Various Experiments Related to Unsaturaed Soil Mechanics
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