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1 Studies on Seed Inoculation of MPKVs Rhizobnium and PSB Liquit Biofertilizer in Soybean
2 Evaluation of Sequential Application of Insecticides Against POD Borer complex of Pigeonpea
3 Effect of Weather Parameters on Linseed Varieties Under Extended Sowing Times
4 GPS GIS Based Soil Fertility MAP Of Dhule Tehsil of Dhule District M.S
5 Response of Postassium on Yield and Quality of Soybean in Inceptisol
6 Introduction to Agriculture
7 Climate Smart Agriculture
8 Small Scale Aquaponic Food Production
9 Agricultural Cooperative Development
10 Human Vitamin and Mineral Requirements
11 Agriculture
12 Cross Roads In Communication and Human Behaviour
13 Advance Information and Communication Technologies for Adapting Agriculture to Climate Change II
14 Agricultural and Food Marketing management
15 Agricultural Development; Farmers, Farm Production and Farm Markets; Vol 3 in Handbook of Agricultural Economics; Volume 18 of Handbooks in Economics - North Holland ( )
16 Agricultural Drones
17 Agricultural Ecology and EnvironmentnProceedings of and International Symposium Agricultural Ecology and Environment
18 Agricultural Finance Yearbook 2015. Innovations and Research in Agricultural Finance
19 Agriculturally Important Microbes for Sustainable Agriculture Volume 1
20 Agriculture and Food Sciences Agriculture Agribusiness Agricultural
21 Agriculture Fact Book 2000
22 Principles of Agronomy and Agricultural Meteorology
23 Development of Plant Breeding and Crop Management in Time Space
24 Agricultural Mechanization at a Glance Selected Country Studies in Asia On Agricultural Machinery Development
25 Animal Husbandry Regained- The Place of Farm Animals in Sustainable Agriculture
26 Basics of agriculture for engineers
27 Basics of agriculture for engineers
28 Biological Nitrogen Fixation Towards Poverty Alleviation through Sustainable Agriculture
29 Leveraging CGIAR DATA
30 Climate Change and Multi-Dimensional Sustainability in African Agriculture
31 Computer and Computing Technologies in Agriculture II, Volume 3
32 Crop Protection 2014 - Agriculture and Rural Development
33 department of agricultural entomology nm college of agriculture navsari agricultural university
34 department of extension education college of agriculture orissa university of agriculture
35 Economics of Agricultural Development- 2nd Edition
36 Encyclopedia of Plant and Crop Science
37 Environmental education in vocational agriculture curriculum and agriculture teacher education
38 A Revolution down on the Farm the transformation
39 Agricultural land redistribution toward greater
40 Agricultural Wastes
41 Agriculture and biodiversity developing indicators
42 Agriculture and Economic Development in East Asia
43 Agriculture and the environment perspectives
44 Agriculture and the Nitrogen cycle Assessing
45 Agriculture and the wto towards a new theory
46 Agriculture fact book 1998
47 Agriculture Fact Book 2001-2002
48 Agriculture (Natural Resources)
49 Agropolis
50 Animal Agriculture Research Progress
51 Nanana Cultures
52 Biofuels
53 Biological Active Natural Products
54 Biotechnology and Sustainable Agriculture 2006 and Beyond
55 Biotechnology of Fruit and But Crops
56 Breeding Plantation Tree Crops
57 Buying at the Point of Maximum Pessimism
58 Cellulase types and Action mMchanism
59 Agriculture and Rual Development
60 Climate change and Agriculture impacts Adaptation
61 Coherence of Agricultural and Rural Development Policies
62 Colonializing Agriculture The Myth of Punjab Exceptionalism
63 Communist Agriculture
64 Computer and computing technologies in Agriculture
65 Conservation tillage and cropping innovation const
66 Contesting Agriculture
67 Cultivating Science Harvesting Power
68 Development and Local Knowlede
69 A Dictionary of Agriculture
70 Economic Trends in US Agriculture and Food Systems Since World War -II
71 Entrepreneurship in the Region
72 Essential Olis
73 Every Farm A Factory
74 Expedition Agroparks
75 Five Centuries of Farming
76 Food Agriculture and Natural Resources
77 Food and the Mid Level Farm
78 Food for War
79 Agriculture and Rural Development
80 French Peasant Fascism
81 Gardens of Prehistory
82 Gender in Agriculture Sourcebook
83 Multiscale Materials Modelling
84 Insect Pest Management
85 Institutions and Sustainablity
86 Integrating Environment into Agriculture and Forestry
87 Intellectual Property Right in Agricultural Biotechnology 2nd Edition
88 Irrigation and Water Resources Engineering
89 Mathematical Modles of Crop Growth and Yield
90 Molecular Genetic Analysis and Biotechnology
91 Biotechnology in Agriculture and Forestry
92 Natural Disasters and Extreme Events in Agriculture
93 Natural Resource Management in Agriculture
94 Natural Resources and Sustianable Development
95 New Ingredients in Food Processing
96 Nitrate Agriculture and the Environment
97 Organic Agriculture
98 Organic Revolution
99 Organization and Performance of Cotton Sectors in Africa
100 Perma Culture Two
101 Pesticides in Agriculture and the Environment
102 Pesticides in Tropical Agriculture
103 Biotechnology in Agriculture and Forestry Edited by Jack M.
104 Plant Breeding and Biotechnology by Denis Murphy
105 Redesigning Animal Agriculture The Challenge of the 21st Century
106 Religion and Agriculture
107 Biotechnology in Agriculture and Forestry by Toshiyuki Nagata
108 Science and Covilisation in China
109 Science for Agriculture and Rural Development in Low Income countries
110 George Washington Carver Agriculture Poineer
111 Slave Agriculture and Financial Markets
112 Soyabean and Wheat Crops
113 Steel in the Field A Farmers Guide to Weed Management tools
114 Sustainable Agriculture
115 Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security in an Era of Oil Scarcity
116 Sustainable Agriculture and the Environment in the Humid Tropics
117 Sustainable Agriculture Vol:2
118 The Agri-Environment by Jhon Warren
119 The Changing Face of Rural Space
120 The Conversion to Sustainable Agriculture
121 The Emergence of Civilization
122 The Fruits of Revolution
123 Toward Sustainability
124 The Development Dimension Trade Agriculture and Development
125 Water and Sustianable Agriculture
126 Wolf Prize in Agriculture
127 Exploring Health and Environmental Costs of Food
128 Food Biotechnology
129 Food Biotechnology 2
130 Food Packaging Study Materials
131 Foundations of International Agriculture
132 Food and Vegetable Processing
133 School Gardens A Guide to Gardening and Plant Seience
134 Guidelines on food fortification with micronutrients
135 A Guide to Understanding How to Develop A HACCP Plan
136 Handbook for Country Commissioners of Oklahoma
137 Handbook of Agriculture Economics
138 Handbook of Agriculture Economics Vo-1A
139 Agricultural Extension
140 HIV/AIDS and Agriculture in Sub Saharan Africa
141 Biotechnologies for Agriculture Development
142 Greening the Economy with Agriculture
143 Building Resilience for Adaptation to Climate Change in the Agriculture Sector
144 Instrumentation and Process Control
145 Dictionary of Agriculture
146 Kents Technology of Careals
147 Landscape Architecture and ART
148 Meat Products and Dishes
149 Mushroom Production Guide
150 Prganic Farming Pest Control and Remediation of Soil Pollutants
151 People and Animals
152 Unit Operations of Chemical Engineering 5th Edition
153 Perma Culture One
154 Plant Tissue Culture and its Agricultural Applications
155 Principles of Agrocultural Economics
156 Principles of Agricultural Economics by Andrew Barkly
157 Principles of Agronomy and Agricultural Meteorology ICAR e Course
158 Vegetable Crop Protection Guide 2020-21
159 Restorative Commons Creating Health and Well Being Through Urban Landscapes
160 Safety of Genetically Engineered Foods
161 Science Policy and Politics of Modern Agricultural System
162 Sustainable Development of Algal Biofuels
163 Sustainable Agriculture and Food Vol:1
164 The Biotechnology Revolution in Global Agriculture
165 A Plan for Collaborative Research on Agriculture and Natural Resource Management
166 Restoration Agriculture
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