A substantial difference exists in Pakistan among the number of the higher secondary level passed students and those who get enrolled in universities owing to the lesser coverage i.e. only 5% to Higher Education Sector in the country. To bridge the gap that exists between the students eligible to enroll in Higher Education and those who actually get enrolled, the Government of Pakistan has taken various steps including introduction of BS programs in the Government Colleges.

The establishment of the University of Chitral by the current Government is a big stride towards bridging the gap created by the non-availability of Higher Education Institute in this remote part of the country. From the very outset, the University of Chitral is committed to provide quality higher education to its clientele, the introduction of Learning Management System (LMS) from the very first year reveals its advanced approach to the teaching/learning activities.

The next logical step towards the achievement of the goals of University of Chitral is the establishment of a virtual campus to serve the academic community around the globe in general and the aspirants of higher education harboring in the toe of the Hindukush range and in the Middle East in particular.

With the current step the University of Chitral will be able to not only cater for the specific academic needs of its students during the lockdown period but it will provide for the general needs of the academic society of the world utilizing the latest developments in field of information technology.

To turn the present scenario into an opportunity the University of Chitral, a public sector university of Pakistan, plans to offer the distance learning programs in Pakistan using the advancements in information technology resources in the near future.

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OER.UoCh.Edu.Pk (University of Chitral Open Educational Resources).

In the wake of the global emergency on Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), the universities of Pakistan are planning to go online under the aegis of the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC). The University of Chitral has launched a comprehensive open learning knowledge hub to assist the faculty and students both at home and abroad to learn through the web. This includes a wide range of learning resources including free audio-visual lectures from the top universities and institutes of the world.